Have you ever been on an adventure with a magical cat?

With vivid descriptions, samples of melodic Italian language, and beautiful illustrations, readers feel like they are really on adventures with Luna and Fortuna!

Join Fortuna, the magical black cat, and her best friend, Luna on their adventures in charming Italy as they wisely demonstrate how to navigate life’s challenges with kindness, honesty, and enduring friendship.

Every time I told my kids it was time to stop reading, they begged for more.

Markee Stoner

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Katy Sloop Roberts paints pictures with her words, truly bringing her characters and Italy to life in the imaginations of her readers.

Katy loves to read, write, run, and spend time with her family and their Italian superhero black cat, Lucky, who inspires her writing.

Katy’s favorite part of being an author is exciting children about reading and writing.

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