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Abbracci, Hugs, Luna

“Excellent storytelling and story. You quickly get lost in the world of Luna and when you leave at the end, you leave it fondly, hoping to return to it again, one day.” Andy Spratley

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Fortuna Finds a Family (2022)

Fortuna kitty’s biography. A prequel to Mario and The Stones.

Based on the author’s real Italian cat’s amazing (and death-defying) life, Fortuna Finds a Family gives readers a kitten’s perspective as Fortuna makes new friends, encounters odd animals, and faces black cat superstitions during her search for la famiglia perfetta, the perfect family.

Will Fortuna find what she desires, or will she find something even better?

Fortuna Finds a Family is a prequel to Mario and the Stones.

“My heart is happy! My eyes are red and swollen. What a wonderful book!” Dawn Bagnetto

Luna and Fortuna fans will treasure the beautiful premium color printed water color illustrations and photographs in the hardback edition of Fortuna Finds a Family.

Mario and The Stones (2021)

A suspenseful Italian fable complete with a reference section to help children learn more about Italy.

Mario is a rude, lazy, superstitious grouch who agrees to work for Luna in this delightful Italian fable. He believes he is cursed to live with bad luck, but when he meets Luna his luck begins to improve.

Will Mario listen to the warnings of the mysterious voice and change his ways, or will he tempt fate?

“It felt like art and nostalgia. It warmed my heart.” Heidi Gryzen

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