Meet Luna and her magical cat, Fortuna.

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“Excellent storytelling and story. You quickly get lost in the world of Luna and when you leave at the end, you leave it fondly, hoping to return to it again, one day.” Andy Spratley

Fortuna Finds a Family (2022)

A story of hope and perseverance based on the author’s real Italian black cat

Long ago in a bustling Italian city, an eager black kitten sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find “la famiglia perfetta,” the perfect family. She is naïve and determined. She has no idea she will have to fight for her survival if she is going to complete her quest.

Told through Fortuna’s overly curious perspective, Fortuna Finds a Family is a story of hope and perseverance. that will fill your eyes with tears and your heart with joy. Vieni, come, and join Fortuna on her adventure; you’ll even learn a little Italian language along the way.

The amazing and death-defying life of the author’s cat, Lucky, is the inspiration for Fortuna’s story. Lucky is a street cat from the 300-year-old village in northeast Italy where the author lived. Today, Lucky lives a spoiled life in America. He is internationally known as an Italian Superhero Cat. You will learn more about Lucky in the afterword of Fortuna Finds a Family.

“My heart is happy! My eyes are red and swollen. What a wonderful book!” Dawn Bagnetto

Luna and Fortuna fans will treasure the beautiful premium color printed watercolor illustrations in the hardback edition of Fortuna Finds a Family.

Mario and The Stones (2021)

Winner of a 2023 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal

Mario and the Stones is the enchanting Italian fable of the summer long, long ago when clever Luna and her cat, Fortuna, attempt to teach Mario integrity and honesty.

Mario is a young, superstitious grouch. He agrees to build a stone wall for Luna to pay a debt, but Mario is lazy. Day after day, he sleeps in Luna’s olive grove instead of working.

A mysterious voice gives Mario repeated warnings. Will he listen?

Readers quickly and delightfully get lost in the wonderful, magical world of Luna’s Italia.

You will not stop reading until you know Mario’s fate.

“Every time I told my kids it was time to stop reading, they begged for more.” Markee Stoner

U.S. customers are invited to purchase personally signed books here. International book friends can find Luna and Fortuna Books on Amazon. Grazie mille, Katy

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