Mario and The Stones Reviews

I loved reading Mario and The Stones. It’s fun and magical. It has an amazing kitty cat. I feel like I am in Italy when I read this wonderful book. I just loved it. The story keeps me interested until the very end.

Victoria, age 7

We absolutely love this book!!! It is so fun and imaginative and our kids absolutely loved the characters! Especially Fortuna! It’s setting is in Italy and it will teach you and your kiddos a little Italian too which is so fun! Highly highly recommend!

Taylor, mom of three

This is a must-buy for elementary-age children. My son thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to build his reading confidence with ease. The enchanting story creates great discussion and kept us turning pages. This would be a perfect gift for back to school or a special occasion. I’m so glad we bought Mario and The Stones.

Courtney T.

My kids and I loved this book! We are privileged enough to live in Italy, right near the setting of it, and even met the author! I highly recommend this fun book.

Carrie F.

In all of the best possible ways, reading this book felt like I was reading an ancient tale or fable passed down for generations. A tale that was deliberate in its teachings to younger generations about the importance of hard work and honesty. It felt like art and nostalgia. It warmed my heart.

Heidi G.

Fortuna Finds a Family Reviews

I don’t have a favorite part because it’s just so good!

Leighlyn B. (age 7)

No matter if you are 8 or 80, you will love this story! Fortuna is a black kitten that is sent off into the world to find her “furever” home. The people and experiences Fortuna encounters on her journey will keep you reading in anticipation. Many “awwwww” moments, a few “oh, wow” moments, and even a couple of “oh no!” moments will make the pages fly. This magical cat “tail” won’t disappoint–I promise.”

Dawn Bagnetto

Fortuna Finds a Family tackles tough topics like finding one’s way in life and the importance of familial relationships in a sometimes-scary world.

I highly recommend this book to parents of kids of all ages to enjoy as a family. It is certainly a taste of la vita dolce!

Tori Eadie French

Creative Youth Consultant, Sadee S.(age 8) discovers her name in the acknowledgments of Fortuna Finds a Family.