Lucky, the Italian superhero cat

Lucky is the real Fortuna

Ciao, I’m Lucky, the Italian superhero cat. I met and adopted the Roberts family in 2019 when they moved to my village in NE Italy. I used to follow people down the street, trying to make new friends, but when I met the Roberts, my search for the perfect family was over!

They did not know they needed a little black cat in their lives, but I knew I needed them. Together we have had many adventures. Most of them have been fun such as playing games in the courtyard, jumping up to the second-floor balcony to join them for reading time, and going on trips to Nana’s house, but one of the reasons they call me a superhero cat is because I was very badly hurt by a car in May 2020. I thought I was going to die, and for four days, they thought I had died. They were so sad then shocked and happy when they found out from my first owners that I was still alive. We are all grateful God saved me and allowed the Roberts to adopt me after my long recovery.

Now I live in America. I like it here, but sometimes I miss Italy. Italy is charming. Have you ever been?

My village had old buildings and barns to explore, lizards to chase, and the best food! I love prosciutto crudo and parmesana cheese. My favorite treat though is fresh, raw fish. Fortunately, Katy can get these treats in America too.

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Katy says she will keep working on my new page. Check back soon to learn more about my amazing (and death-defying) life and to hear my latest news or “mews” as we cats like to say.

Of course, you can also read Fortuna Finds a Family to learn all about me. It is my biography in fictional form, and there is a whole section about the real me at the end.

Ciao-Meow, Lucky

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