Fortuna Finds a Family Paperback






A purr-fect book for cat lovers! Fortuna Finds a Family is a prequel to Mario and The Stones.

Long ago in a bustling Italian city, an eager black kitten sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find “la famiglia perfetta,” the perfect family.  She is naïve and determined. She has no idea she will have to fight for her survival if she is going to complete her quest.

Told through Fortuna’s overly curious perspective, Fortuna Finds a Family is a tale of perseverance and hope that will fill your eyes with tears and your heart with joy. Vieni, come and join Fortuna on her adventure; you’ll even learn a little Italian language along the way.

Parental Warning: Your children may beg to adopt a black kitten after falling in love with Fortuna.

Recommended Ages: 7-12

The paperback edition is printed in black and white. As a bonus, it includes the beginning chapters of Mario and The Stones.


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